A – Pilot Training

To start the course, an individual needs to be 16 years of age. However, the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) issues the Private Pilot Licence only once an individual completes 17 years of age.

No, but individuals considering a career as a Professional Pilot are recommended to complete their training by the age of 30, as most airlines consider candidates below the age of 35 more favourably.

Yes, as long as an individual is not colour-blind, and passes the Medical tests specified by the CAASL, they are eligible to join the PPL course.

The ATPL A (Frozen) is a higher qualification than the CPL, and the ATPL course offered at Skyline is conducted concurrently with the CPL/IR flight training, so at the end of training the individual can obtain CPL/IR Licence with an ATPL (Frozen) endorsement.

In order for the ATPL Licence to be considered active, the individual needs to log 1500 hrs. of flying experience. Hence, until such time these 1500 hrs. are logged, the ATPL Licence is considered Frozen.

Yes, with the ATPL Frozen Licence, an individual can apply for a job with an airline and use this experience to complete 1500 hrs. of flying, in order to activate the ATPL Licence.

In order to assume command of the big jets, and become a Captain, an individual MUST HAVE an ATPL

B – Aeronautical Engineering

To start the course, an individual needs to be 16 years of age.

The B1.1 licence is the Basic Licence required in order to commence your career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

The B1.2 licence can be obtained once you complete the Gas Turbine course and log hours of experience on a jet aircraft.

Yes, you can, as the AML course conducted at Skyline is based on the EASA part 66 syllabus.

EASA will issue you with a certificate but not a licence. Hence, it is recommended that you first obtain the AML (after completing the CAASL examinations and logging the pre-requisite 1 year ‘on-the-job’ / industrial training experience) and subsequently sit for the EASA examinations if you so wish.